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We strive to keep our clients well informed and to provide training in key areas. Our competency-based, outcome-focused training programs help you navigate complex workplace issues. Training can be custom-designed to train all employees in your workplace. Similarly, we offer open enrolment programs where CEOs, General Managers, Human Resources and other management personnel from various organisations can come together to learn more about issues specific to their responsibilities.

We provide training in the following areas (and others on request):

  • Fair Work compliance – practical measures when dealing with mordern awards, National Employment Standards and employee record requirements
  • Enterprise bargaining essentials under the Fair Work Act
  • Flexible workplace arrangements – your obligations under the Fair Work Act and anti-discrimination legislation regarding flexible workplace arrangements and family and carer responsibilities (including parental leave and return to work arrangements)
  • Getting off to the right start – pre-employment background screening, the ‘dos and don’ts’ when recruiting, pre-placement medicals and effective employment contracts
  • Contractor arrangements – distinguishing the difference between independent contractor arrangements and employer/employee contract relationships and dealing with independent contractor arrangements – don’t get stung
  • Understanding Union rights including Union rights of entry – strategies when dealing with Unions in your workplace
  • Your employee’s use of social media – understanding the work/private life divide in the age of Facebook and Twitter and minimizing an employer’s exposure through appropriate policy development and training whilst complying with privacy laws
  • Protecting your business interests – implementing appropriate measures to protect your business interests including confidential information, restraints of trade and intellectual property.  Don’t gift your hard work to your competitor
  • Fraud and corruption controls – assisting you to identify, develop and implement fraud and corruption controls including policies and procedures to prevent the occurrence of fraud and corruption in your workplace
  • Unfair dismissal – legislative changes and steps you should take
  • Preventing sexual harassment, bullying and workplace violence. Don’t be exposed
  • Managing difficult situations and conflict resolution in your workplace
  • Fact finding investigations and the disciplinary process – how to conduct fact finding investigations with confidence, and effectively manage the disciplinary process
  • Workplace Health and Safety – exercising due diligence, preparing workplace health and safety management systems, managing incident investigations and improving the culture of compliance
  • Policies and Procedures – how to identify, develop and implement effective policies and procedures to meet your workplace legal compliance and other needs
  • Dealing with sick and injured workers – a practical approach
  • Dealing with mental health in the workplace – a practical approach

MLJ Lawyers will be conducting workshops to keep our clients informed and to provide training in key areas.  Our outcome focused workshops help our clients navigate complex workplace issues.  Please download our expression of interest form.  If you are interested in any of our proposed workshops please tick the boxes on the form and email the completed form back to us.Expression of Interest for workshops form

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